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Our Mission

To help cancer patients feel serenity during their journey while achieving the best possible health and financial stability.

We treat our clients like family. 

We operate with empathy, excellence and speed. 

We spend 10% of our time developing free resources that benefit everyone.


Jim's Story and Experience

It feels as if cancer has always been a part of my life.  Three grandparents have passed from prostate, bladder and lung cancer and my grandmother survived ovarian cancer.  My father, at just 60 years old, was taken by an ultra-rare liposarcoma.  In 2019, I had a tumor removed from my chest.  While it turned out to be benign, it was nevertheless a horrifying process.  Finally, my stepfather, the man who raised me, recently received clean scans after a grueling chemo and radiation treatment regimen.

I have always felt lucky to have a robust science background and a deep understanding of our healthcare system during these challenges.  

I was pre-med at Vanderbilt University prior to becoming a science teacher in Spanish Harlem (New York City).   After a two-year stint in biotech market research, I entered the medical device industry where I spent the next 13 years.  There, my roles included sales, product development, product training and regional sales management.

The medical devices I worked with were often used in cancer settings. I sold an innovative product that allowed neurosurgeons to safely extract cancerous brain tumors through the nose—no more big holes in the skull.  (Patients avoided three-week stays in the ICU because of this technology).  I also sold the world’s first “artificial skin”.  This product could regrow dermis (one of our two layers of skin) after various skin cancers were removed.

During my medical device career, I became intimately familiar with the healthcare system, often meeting with hospital CFOs and world-renowned surgeons.  This real-world experience was augmented by deep dives into various healthcare topics as an MBA student at UCLA.

I’m fortunate to have had these experiences as they have benefitted my family and clients immensely.  

Patient advocacy is my passion--I left a successful medical device career to shepherd cancer patients through this enormously challenging time in their lives.


Jim's Education

Vanderbilt University, Bachelor of Science (2000):

  • Graduated with Honors.

  • Coursework included biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, neuroscience, and neuropathology.

UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, Masters in Business Administration (2014):

  • Healthcare Economics and Policy, Digital Healthcare, and Global Healthcare emphasis.  Participant in Office of Intellectual Property private study.

  • Thesis: expansive business plan for a Finnish medical supply company (Serres Oy) entering the U.S.

  • Famous professors: Victor Tabbush, PhD, healthcare economist, Founding Director of the UCLA / Johnson and Johnson Management Development Institute, and Dr. David Feinberg, former CEO of UCLA Health and Google Health's current Division Head.

  • You can view my transcript here.

Board Certification: Patient Advocacy (BCPA):

  • Process includes successful performance on an arduous specialty exam which tests competencies in 1) ethical, legal and practice standards; 2) communication and interpersonal relationships; 3) healthcare access, finance and management; 4) empowerment, autonomy, rights and equity; 5) medical and healthcare system knowledge; and 6) scope of practice and transparency.  There are 41 subtopics that you can view here.

  • You can view my certificate here or validate it at the PAC Board site, by searching for "Best".

Certification: Oncology Patient Navigation (OPN):

  • This certification is given by the George Washington Cancer Institute in Washington, D.C.

  • It requires students to learn 20 different topics (that you can see here) and pass tests on each of them.  You can view my certificate here.

  • While there is some overlap among BCPA and OPN topics, the OPN coursework constantly considers issues that are often unique to cancer patients.


Jim's Current Volunteer Work

President (2020 - 2022)

UCLA Anderson Healthcare Graduates Industry Group

  • The executive board, committee members and I serve an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 UCLA MBAs in healthcare.

  • This group's mission statement:

    • "To strengthen the healthcare leaders among the UCLA Anderson Graduates through networking events, lifelong learning, collaborations with other healthcare groups and mentorship."​

Member, Board of Directors

UCLA Anderson Alumni Association

  • The Board of Directors serves the more than 40,000 UCLA Anderson Alumni.

  • This groups' mission statement:

    • ​"To move Anderson alumni forward and upward in their professional and personal lives."


Jim's Professional Memberships

Jim belongs to Caribou, the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA), and Greater National Advocates (GNA).  He adheres to APHA's strict ethical standards


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