The 27 Ways We Help Cancer Patients

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Immediate Crisis Management

Are things falling apart?  Did the cancer spread?  Is your loved one in the ICU?  We can respond quickly.  Just call us at 424-272-0535.

Existing Medical Record Assessment

We eliminate medical record errors that may lead to dangerous treatment plans.

Physician Search

We avoid substandard treatment decisions by providing you with a menu of the best board-certified oncologists who specialize in your cancer.

Appointment Acceleration

The best oncologists are the busiest oncologists.  We sometimes turn a two month wait into a two week wait.

Insurance Assessment

To avoid surprise bills that can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars, we find economically appropriate facilities and doctors, whenever possible.

Second Opinions: Diagnosis Confirmation

False positives lead to grueling, expensive, unnecessary treatments.  We don’t assume a diagnosis is accurate until it’s been corroborated by an additional oncologist.

Second Opinions: Treatment Plan Assessment

We elicit every conceivable treatment plan from multiple doctors, increasing the chance that one will meet your personal preferences.

Legal Facilitation

We link you to attorneys who ensure your wishes—whatever they may be—are legally viable in every treatment environment.

Appointment Planning

We help you generate a thorough list of critical questions for your doctors, giving you peace of mind during your appointments.

Appointment Accompaniment

We attend key appointments with you, ensuring that all questions are asked and all responses are understood.

Naturopathic, Alternative and Holistic Treatments

We happily assist in finding complementary cancer treatments, as long as the oncologist agrees that it doesn’t interfere with the primary treatment regimen.

Doctor Speak Translation

Among all physician types, oncologists are some of the best communicators. Nevertheless, we ensure that you clearly comprehend all of your treatment options and their potential for side effects and success.

Care Coordination

Cancer patients can have up to five doctors and dozens of nurses, so we coordinate communication among them to minimize damaging mistakes.

Medical Bill Organization and Review

There are typically several billing mistakes for the typical cancer patient, so we safeguard you against financial harm.

Emotional and Psychological Support

Cancer has touched us too.  We know the emtional toll it takes, so we support you in every way possible—even if it means helping you find professional help.

Palliative Care Transition Assistance

We support a smooth transition into palliative care so the patient can spend more time with loved ones and perform a few bucket list items.  (Pictured: My father and I at his last baseball game).

Hospice Care Transition Assistance

We assist families who need to initiate hospice care so they can spend their precious time and energy with their loved one.

Specialty Services

We offer eleven additional specialty services to benefit cancer patients:

  • Insurance Appeals (Strategy and Execution)

  • Hospital Grievance Administration

  • Clinical Trial Research

  • Compassionate Use Requests

  • Transitional Care

  • 3rd Party Transportation Facilitation

  • Tumor Sequencing

  • Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Medical Tourism Assistance

  • Previvorship Plan of Action

  • Survivorship Plan of Action

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