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Please note: This complements, but does not replace, the FAQ for Patients and Family Members.


But my hospital offers VIP Service.  Why do I need you?

The short answer: to counterbalance the VIP Service.

It's counterintuitive to think that VIP care can actually hurt a patient but there is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that VIP patients may actually have more to worry about.  (I have cited just two of the many studies).

First, the doctor may believe that the VIP patient's time is more valuable than that of a normal patient.  So important steps might be skipped.  That could include questions or critically important diagnostic tests that will "inconvenience" you.  Of course, they may also help save your life.  (Alfandre et al., 2016).

Second, the doctor can go in the other direction.  S/he may overtreat the VIP because they have extreme fear of missing something.  That may include having an unnecessary surgery.  (Schenkenberg et al., 2007).

Third, some egalitarian staff members, mindful of every patient under their care, sometimes resent the VIP.  In turn, they may offer suboptimal help when elite care is truly needed.  (Schenkenberg et al., 2007​).

I am not stating that VIP care is all bad.  VIP floors in hospitals are certainly going to give you the privacy that you'll need to recover without prying eyes. 

What I am saying is that there is an advantage to hiring an independent patient advocate.  One who recognizes deviations from the established clinical guidelines can be invaluable.

How do you guarantee my privacy?

There are really two types of privacy concerns that celebrities might have when undergoing treatment.

First, celebrities might consider a relationship with Serenity Cancer Patient Advocates to be a gossip threat.  My ethical boundaries are clear: I do not discuss any patient information with anyone that I know--not even my fiancé.  (This is true for every client I have).  When celebrities meet me, they feel at ease, as they realize that I am all business--not some starstruck fan.  Moreover, violating trust would be criminal.  It would be easy for a celebrity to end my career if I were proven to be a source of confidential information.

Second, celebrities might be concerned about having their data leaked from a hospital.  Various Los Angeles hospitals have reportedly had several confidentiality breaches. Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Farrah Fawcett, Kim Kardashian and Maria Shriver have all supposedly been implicated. Of course, our company cannot control what hospitals' employees do, but are familiar with methods used to protect your identity by using aliases, private entrances and more.

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