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Dear patients and family members,

I have lots of personal experience with cancer.  Too many times, I have listened to my family members’ fearful sentiments after being diagnosed:

I like my oncologist but is this the best one?

I have good coverage but I'm still terrified of surprise bills.

Is this really my only treatment option?

Why is there a two month wait to start my treatment?

My insurance is so confusing.

I became board certified in patient advocacy and certified in oncology patient navigation to help patients manage these challenges. (You can think of me as your personal cancer consultant or cancer navigator).  Although there are a thousand or more independent patient advocacy businesses, I know of only two others that exclusively deal with cancer, perhaps because it is so complex.

The American healthcare system is slow, confusing and expensive. You and I will overcome these challenges by optimizing the healthcare system into what it should be.

Four grandparents, my father and stepfather have had the disease.  I had a cancer scare in 2019.  I know how frightened you feel, so my guiding principle is to treat you as if you were a part of my own family.

If you're familiar with independent patient advocacy, please view What We Do.  If you're not, Patient and Family Member FAQs is a good place to start.  Or, you can call us now at 424-272-0535.

I will help you reclaim serenity during this difficult time.

Jim Best, MBA, BCPA, OPN

Board-Certified Patient Advocate

Oncology Patient Navigator

Founder and CEO

Serenity Cancer Patient Advocates


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Call Us: (424) 272-0535‬


Call Us: (424) 272-0535‬

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